Yup, virtual reality technology is now spreading like a wildfire in the visual media industry with porn right at the forefront as always. Those that identified this as the future of visual entertainment have the narrowest of leads as everyone else is cottoning on and very soon this will be the standard in the industry.

The viewing hardware, or goggles to be more precise is still a joke and we’ll no doubt have some laughs in the not too distant future when we look back at ourselves with ‘boxes’ over our eyes with some companies having the audacity to sell goggles made from cardboard for double digit dollars as if it’s no big deal.

The actual footage available is way ahead of the hardware though and that’s great news. VR 3000 is one of the front runners with their technology in as far as the quality of the visual material is concerned. I see the geeks are already hard at work at coming up with names and as such  this site is boasting with TruVR Ultra4K 180 3D technology scenes.

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