Yup, virtual reality technology is now spreading like a wildfire in the visual media industry with porn right at the forefront as always. Those that identified this as the future of visual entertainment have the narrowest of leads as everyone else is cottoning on and very soon this will be the standard in the industry.

The viewing hardware, or goggles to be more precise is still a joke and we’ll no doubt have some laughs in the not too distant future when we look back at ourselves with ‘boxes’ over our eyes with some companies having the audacity to sell goggles made from cardboard for double digit dollars as if it’s no big deal.

The actual footage available is way ahead of the hardware though and that’s great news. VR 3000 is one of the front runners with their technology in as far as the quality of the visual material is concerned. I see the geeks are already hard at work at coming up with names and as such  this site is boasting with TruVR Ultra4K 180 3D technology scenes.

Save money with a VR 3000 discount and get into the future now. Check these out for more discounts on VR porn sites.

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If you’re looking for hot in your face action that puts you right in the scene, then I fully understand why you’re a fan of gonzo porn! There’s just something to be said about high quality videos that give you an up close and personal view of all of that fine ass and pussy action as if it these gorgeous sluts were right on the end of your own cock!

While it’s great that this amazing style of porn is becoming more and more popular, you can sometimes run into the trouble of not knowing which sites have the best quality content, or the issue of paying more than necessary for the best out there. Have no worries my friend, as we’ve solved both of these problems for you!

With these hardcore gonzo porn deals, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best for a fraction of the price! This site puts together all of the best deals for the hottest sites, which means you are getting the best quality content available and paying less than the other guys!

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What would you say if I told you that I had access to the biggest Muffia discount of all time?

I’m assuming you’re not an idiot, so you response would be how do I sign up? Well my friend, just follow the link and you’re on your way to a sexy good time with some of the most gorgeous women and intense porn scenes you will ever see!

One of my favorite things about muffia is that you get all of the Reality Kings quality that you have come to expect, so you know the videos will be crystal clear and the women absolutely amazing. Not only that, but you get all of the Reality Kings Content too, as this will actually take you to a RK network pass. So be prepared to spend a lot of time exploring.

If you were planning on just popping in for a quick jerk, you might want to cancel whatever’s on your schedule for the next several hours, because these gals are going to make you want to cum back again and again!

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Check out this chick cradling a fine glass with her fine ass! Yeah, she might be balancing its weight on her pussy piercing, but still, pretty impressive! You’re going to find lots of boundaries being tested and pushed at the Muffia site – lots of interesting goings-on there! You’ll find some things like 18-inch cocks and three-breasted women on the site called It’s Real. That is just one of the phenomenal sites you’re going to unlock for free when you use this Muffia discount link to get it for 30% off.

Additionally, you’re going to find Porn Stars Lick, Cum Fu, King Dong, plus more! Remember, these additional sites in the network don’t cost you anything extra when you get this deal and there are plenty of daily updates going on here. From the same people that brought you the Reality Kings, you know you’re going to love this.

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Jessica is also willing to work with other available Witechapel escorts in order to make your threesome and group sex fantasies into a reality. There is little that the leggy vixen won’t do to seduce you.

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Muffia is the brainchild of the Reality Kings. They wanted to do something that really stood out from the crowd so they created a network of strangely erotic sites like It’s Real and My Sexy Life. All of the videos are shot exclusively for the network. The clarity of the videos is phenomenal. So is the beauty of the porn stars that star in them.

Getting access has never been easier. Your Muffia discount is good for 33% off the normal price. That breaks down to just $16.95 per month when you buy the three month pass. You won’t find a better deal for this amazing network anywhere. Where else can you see a hot babe with three tits or a guy with two cocks?

Muffia is now part of the Reality Kings network. Check it out below!

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