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Muffia is the brainchild of the Reality Kings. They wanted to do something that really stood out from the crowd so they created a network of strangely erotic sites like It’s Real and My Sexy Life. All of the videos are shot exclusively for the network. The clarity of the videos is phenomenal. So is the beauty of the porn stars that star in them.

Getting access has never been easier. Your Muffia discount is good for 33% off the normal price. That breaks down to just $16.95 per month when you buy the three month pass. You won’t find a better deal for this amazing network anywhere. Where else can you see a hot babe with three tits or a guy with two cocks?

The videos on the network vary greatly in content so you won’t get bored watching them!

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Luscious tits, fiery red hair and an appetite for your mental deconstruction, what more can you ask of such a hot piece of ass? Oh, don’t you go thinking you can talk about femdom MissDyanne that way. Little shits like you don’t get to run the show. Now get out your little runt cock and beg her to let you touch your dinky winky!

I know you don’t want to share your new obsession, but that is not how this works. You will tell your friends about your web mistress and you will let her have her way with them. You get your time only when you are being a good little girly-freak, dressed in your frilly sissy panties. What a fucking moron you are! Haha!

Login for free on for more of MissDyanne you little sissy!

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Star Trek parody porn gangbang

I have seen a lot of trippy shit in my career of a porn blogger, but this one is throwing me for a loop. Possibly because I was an ardent Star Trek fan and seeing these guys bang one of the girls brings back all of those sick fantasies I had as a young lad.

Star Trek parody porn is hot right now because the franchise never seems to die. Every time you think it might peter out like a distant galaxy it fights its way back into the mainstream. From the looks of the cock hungry slut above and the dick she is sucking there might be a stream of goo fired across her starboard side in just a few seconds!

Watch long gangbang porno clips on with daily updates to over a thousand categories of porn. You can play the videos on smart phones, tablets and computers!

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