Most of my girlfriends have called me a pig over the years and those that hadn’t just didn’t take the time to find out I was. When it comes to finding girls for sex I’ve found out that you just tell that girl anything that she wants to hear. Don’t waste your time thinking that if you be a nice guy you’ll get anything that you desire, it just isn’t going to happen.

These days I don’t even bother having a girlfriend. What’s the point? sure you might get the occasional fuck or suck from them, but most of the time it’s just going to be her telling you that your an asshole. If you can get action that doesn’t come back to bite you in the ass and you know where to get it, just fucking go for it!

My dick knows full well it can visit Sex Chat and in no time at all it will find a willing slut to make some noise with. I’d choose this over putting up with a girlfriend all the freaking time. I’m never going to be going back to that crap and neither should you when you have plenty of other ways to get sex!

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